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The FCPX TOUR Moves to Barcelona on November 4th 2016

FCPXTOUR Barcelona banner 2016

The Final Cut Pro Tour doesn’t stop! While the videos from FCPXTOUR@IBC are still hot off the press, the new line-up for the next session in Barcelona has just been announced. Jesús Pérez-Miranda tells FCP.co all about it.


When my company Cut People launched the FCPXTOUR workshop series last May in Madrid I didn’t really have a worldwide tour in mind. Given our focus in the Spanish local market and our limited resources, I was aiming to turn this into a local event visiting important Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and others.



A few months after Madrid’s workshop, Ronny Courtens and Sam Mestman reached out to me and told me what they were planning for IBC 2016. We all thought it would be a great opportunity to expand the FCPXTOUR brand. Thanks to LumaForge, SohoEditors and many other partners, the first FCPXTOUR@IBC in Amsterdam turned out to be a massive success. For me it was also the proof that we can do greater things by collaborating and joining forces.



So I started to see FCPXTOUR as a platform for the whole FCP X community. What if someone else wants to organize an FCP X related event somewhere else in the world? It’s already enough work to find a venue, shape up the program, invite speakers, record and edit the presentations, get permissions…

Probably the last thing you want to do with so much work is to come up with a brand of your own, design a logo, a website, billboards, etc. Trust me, I’ve been there. So why not share resources and help each other out? Why not make things easier for ourselves and focus on what’s important, which is to organize great FCP X events around the globe?

04-Blanquerna Entrance


The announcement of a new FCPXTOUR session in Barcelona, taking place next November 4th, seemed like the perfect opportunity to revamp the website, and turn www.fcpxtour.com into something useful for the FCP X community as a whole, that doesn’t belong to any particular company anymore. It is still a work in progress but I believe we have set the foundations for this to become yet another valuable FCP X resource worldwide.

05-Blanquerna Auditorium


I am very excited about Barcelona’s session! We have an amazing venue: the main auditorium in the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations (Ramon Llull University), who co-organizes the event. It is located in the heart of Barcelona and has room for over 200 people, as well as a dedicated booth for interpreters, which is really handy since we have a mixture of English and Spanish presentations.




I feel very lucky to have such great local speakers as well as international speakers coming from USA, Finland, Germany or Belgium, that are kind enough to assume their own traveling and accommodation costs.


If it wasn’t for them, we couldn’t have such an incredible program lined up:

FCP X In Action:
 After a brief introduction by Ronny Courtens highlighting some of the top companies in the world using Final Cut Pro X centric workflows, Apple Certified Trainer Iñaki Sanz will follow up demoing some of his favourite FCP X features.

Motion 5: seamless graphics creation for FCP X: 
Apple Certified Trainer Robin S. Kurz will show how fast and easy it is to create graphics in Motion 5, and publish specific parameters for a flexible and efficient integration with FCP X. What about “Send to Motion”? Automatic Duck’s XSend Motion have you covered, as you will see at the end of this presentation.

Lumberjack System: unscripted content creation reinvented:
 A complete demonstration of Lumberjack System by his co-founder Philip Hodgetts, showcasing the many ways in which FCPX can take advantage of metadata.

A conversation with Marc Bach: Live Skype interview with LA based FCP X editor Marc Bach, who begun his career in Barcelona.

FCP X collaborative workflows powered by the ShareStation:
 Following a brief introduction by Ronny Courtens highlighting some of the top companies and high profile projects using the ShareStation worldwide, Iñaki Sanz and Jesús Pérez-Miranda will demo how you can seamlessly collaborate with FCP X connected to a ShareStation JellyFish.

Kyno, the new all-in-one media asset management app: 
Robert Krüger (Lesspain Software) will present Kyno, a brand new productivity desktop application for Mac, aimed at filmmakers, video journalists, media agencies and other video professionals. Media asset management has never been more fun, easy, fast and affordable.

"Elna’s Light”, an FCP X TV Movie: 
Film editor Manuel Terceño will share his experience editing the historic TV drama “Elna’s Light” (currently in post-production) and will expand on his roll as an assistant editor in the feature film “The Man of the Thousand Faces” (distributed by Warner Bros).

“The Unknown Soldier”, editing a large European feature in FCP X: UK-Finnish film editor Ben Mercer will show his workflow on the large scale feature film production “The Unknown Soldier” that he is currently editing with FCP X: 80 shooting days, 14.000 extras, and hundreds of ours of footage. He will also explain how it has evolved since he edited previous projects like the acclaimed TV series “Rebellion” (RTE/Netflix).

"Salvados”, editing prime time TV with FCP X: Postproduction manager David López will explain why they switched from FCP7 to FCPX to edit the theatrical documentary “Astral”, as well as the popular Spanish prime time TV show “Salvados” (LaSexta), after considering and testing other NLEs.


Like all the FCPXTOUR sessions, this workshop is totally free, but attendees must register ahead of time through the fcpxtour.com site.

07-Mac-Event Creative-Summit


With Apple’s Mac Event and the FCP X Creative Summit right around the corner, and the shadow of an imminent FCP X 10.3 release hovering over our heads, the FCPXTOUR Barcelona has all the ingredients to turn into a very special event. If you can afford the trip to Barcelona, you won’t regret it coming over.



I also would like to take this opportunity to announce the next FCPXTOUR session right after Barcelona. It will take place in Tampere (Finland) on November 22nd and it is being co-organized by Jari Innanen (Soundwise) and Mediapolis. If you want to know more about these events, details will be published on the FCPXTOUR site soon.

Special Thanks to Blanquerna School of Communication for co-organizing the event, Iñaki Sanz for selflessly collaborating with us in putting this session together, FCP.co, FCP Radio and all the other FCPXTOUR partners for their support, as well as the following Spanish friendly sites for helping us spread the word: Finalcutpro.es, Motionfx.es, Applesfera.com.


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