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fcpx world 2016

Looks like the Final Cut Pro X News is spreading!  Just announced are two new events, London on the 15th and Berlin on the 18th of November 2016. Now Europe can see the cool 10.3 demonstrations.


We just got notification from Brian Cantwell at Soho Editors about these two new Final Cut Pro events. Of course FCP.co is proud to be a media sponsor to help spread the news.


FCPXWorld - Final Cut Pro X 10.3 - What’s all the fuss about?

You may have missed it last Thursday, but Apple announced the latest update to Final Cut Pro X.  They also launched a new MacBook Pro which, according to the press release, is 57% faster than its predecessor when used for editing.  Not too shabby!

The latest update for FCPX is a major one.  Susan Prescott, Apple’s Vice President of Apps Product Marketing, said “this is our biggest update to Final Cut Pro X since we completely redesigned it five years ago.  The new version features a sleek interface and adds powerful new editing features that go far beyond what’s possible with traditional, track-based video editing apps; and integration with the revolutionary Touch Bar gives professional video editors a whole new way to interact with Final Cut Pro X.”

A redesigned interface streamlines the layout of Final Cut Pro X to optimise screen space for MacBook Pro users, while a darker, flat look puts the focus on the content. Customisable workspaces lets users adjust window arrangements for different tasks such as organising, editing and colour grading — even across multiple monitors. Full support for wide colour workflows allows users to import, edit and deliver video in standard Rec. 601 and Rec. 709 colour spaces, or in wide gamut Rec. 2020 colour space.

Here, at Soho Editors, we felt this was too big an update to be missed, so we are going to be the first to show the new version at FCPXWorld in London & Berlin during November.

Soho Editors’ Managing Director, Brian Cantwell, said “it may be surprising to a lot of people how big the FCPX world is. The style of our event will be as a continuous presentation, using the same media throughout, taking the visitors on a journey of discovery and, hopefully, a little wonderment.

It will provide a showcase for the power of Final Cut Pro X and, in the process, introduce complimentary partners whilst demonstrating a truly professional workflow from beginning to end.”

Some of our partners at FCPXWorld include, Jigsaw24, Coremelt, Softron, Frame.io and Color Grading Central.  However, this only scratches the surface of what’s out there for FCPX users.

FCPXWorld will be visiting London on the 15th November at the IET, just off the Strand; and then Berlin on the 18th November.

So whether you are new to Final Cut Pro X, or already a fan and want to find out all about the creative power of Final Cut Pro X and the huge ecosystem that’s been created to support it, this is an event not to be missed!

Register now at www.fcpxworld.tv

Event Produced by Soho Editors


 image from mewiki 

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