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A developing story, but software developer Wes Plate has joined Apple as a Product Designer, with the Pro Apps team we are assuming.

Wes has a long history in software for NLEs. His original company, Automatic Duck was started out of frustration when he mentioned to his father that he couldn't transfer media between editing systems. Thus a whole range of software translators were born.

And that was the story until one day Wes announced that Adobe had acquired the technology from Automatic Duck.

The website pages disappeared only to come back offering support for a few of the original software converters.

Things have moved on and it seems like Wes has been appreciating editing with Final Cut Pro X since he left Adobe. He's also released a few products through FxFactory including a tool to get FCPX timelines into Motion.

So maybe this isn't a big surprise after all, he's a bright guy with a huge knowledge of software and the industry. It is also a very good endorsement of how the perception of FCPX is changing, especially in the pro market.

We wish him well. He probably won't be tweeting much now though. 


Thanks to Johan Skaneby for the tip!