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MotionVFX Adds Mocha Tracking and Real Life Lens Flare Elements in mFlare 2

MotionVFX has just updated its popular mFlare plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Motion. In mFlare 2 you will find many more real-life flare elements to choose from, an improved colouration system and of course Mocha tracking.

It is true everyone loves lens flares, but there has been a shift over the last few years from very obvious 'over the top' flares used on almost everything, to better more realistic effects. MotionVFX's mFlare 2 follows that path.

The flares are not motion templates, each of the 100 effects in the FCPX or Motion browser is a preset for the native plugin which opens up with its own user GUI.

mflare 01

The GUI has controls for enabling or disabling elements of the flare and sliders for settings such as brightness, size and smoothness. Onscreen controls position the various elements of the flare to get the spread just right as if it was being caused by internal lens reflections.

mflare 02

Two new additions to mFlare. The first is Mocha tracking which will automatically track an item onscreen so that a flare can be attached. A lot easier and more accurate than keyframing. The tracking controls can be found onscreen in the bottom left hand corner.

mflare 03

Also new is an innovative colour picker for the flares. It uses values from the colour spectrum to match the flare into the video in a more convincing way. 

 mflare 04

mFlare 2 is priced at $149, existing mFlare 1 owners can get the update for $79. The good news is that MotionVFX has also posted a free trial version so you can take the flares for a test drive yourself.

FCP.co friend Robin S. Kurz has been very busy. He's put together a series of tutorials on Vimeo for mFlare in FCPX and Motion. Time to grab a coffee and learn!

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