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A new free app from Jasper Siegers allows editors to store Final Cut Pro X Libraries in the cloud with version control to facilitate better collaborative workflows.

Final Cut Pro X is very good at certain things. Unfortunately Apple hasn't yet cracked collaborative workflow and sharing Libraries between editors can be clunky.

Jasper Siegers at broadcaster EO in the Netherlands has been working on a project that allows all of its FCPX editors to collaborate by enabling version control. The free app is called PostLab and is available for download from the PostLab website.

'Within PostLab we keep all our Final Cut Libraries in sync with each other so we all know what the latest version is, what has changed and who did it. The Libraries are stored on a server or in the cloud so we’ve got access to them everywhere. You can also add documents to your projects, for example your voiceover script. There is also issue management where you can add tasks or comments to other users. Or you can easily link to web services like Cantemo or Frame.io.'

If you have ever had multiple editors working together on a project with FCPX you will understand that somebody or something has to be in control of the master library. By using PostLab, that process is now streamlined and because it is cloud based, the Libraries can be accessed anywhere.

Although this app doesn't allow instant sharing of Events or Projects, it does force editors to be disciplined into a proper workflow. The read only mode allows items to be copied from transient Libraries using the 'Mike Matzdorff Method' We also like the the ability to have multiple Library templates to choose from, especially handy for preloading a Library with an Event structure and preset Roles.

 fcpx postlab libraryThe PostLab GUI

fcpx postlab activityActivity report on PostLab

fcpx postlab saving versionSaving a version with PostLab

fcpx postlab documentsAdding documents to the Libraries in the cloud

fcxp postlab issuesOnline interaction to fix issues

fcpx webservicesCan integrate with services such as Cantemo & Frame.io

A big thank you to Jasper for developing the app and of course making it free to download and use. You will have to negotiate the free Gitlab services, but his pricing plan does make us chuckle.

If Jasper and EO sound familiar, you would be right. He also wrote Compressor Server which allows automated workflows and we also featured EO as an FCPX user story.



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