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EVR X is an inexpensive app that turns EXIF camera data into keywords for video files in Final Cut Pro X. They can then be searched, sorted and even turned into Smart Collections. *UPDATE* ProRes, ProRes RAW and DNxHD available for Atomos recorders.



As from 24th May 2019, EVR X for Atomos Ninja V and Shogun Inferno have been released

Ninja V version supports ProRes and Avid DNxHD while Shogun Inferno version supports ProResRAW, ProRes and Avid DNxHD


If you've ever looked at the EXIF data of a still image in the Inspector of FCPX, you will have probably seen all the camera & image settings listed. Examples are ISO, aperture, lens type and there are many others.

So it's a shame that those settings don't get imported into FCPX for video files. Now there is a solution.

Antonio Marogna wrote to us recently to tell us about EVR X, a €10 app that takes the EXIF data from the camera and applies that as Finder Tags that can then be read by FCPX. EVR = EXIF Video Resolved.

On import, the movies will then have the EXIF data applied as Keywords in the Browser.

At the moment, Antonio has two apps, one for Panasonic cameras and one for Fujifilm. Nikon, Canon and Sony are promised soon.

He's produced a video showing the process. (Mute)

It looks pretty easy to use as well. Just right click on a folder to run the app, this will make the Finder Tags.

fcpx finder evrx o1 

Then import that media into FCPX ensuring the 'Keywords From Finder Tags option is selected.

 fcpx finder evrx o5

Then you will find the media with all the EXIF data applied as Keywords.

 fcpx finder evrx o4

And that means you can do some really cool things like make Smart Collections based on that data.

 fcpx finder evrx o3



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