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Want to get a bit more creative with plugins in Final Cut Pro X and Motion? ISF for Motion allows the user to write and load their own GLSL shaders into generators, effects, and transitions for Motion and Final Cut Pro X.

By now, we are sure that readers are very familiar with building plugins for FCPX using Motion. There are of course other methods for building effects such as wrapping up a Quartz or Vuo composition or hand-coding using FxPlug.

ISF for Motion is slightly different, it allows the user to get as complicated as they wish building plugins using GLSL shaders. OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) is a high-level shading language based on the C programming language. A shader runs on the GPU and tells it how to render or change each pixel. (GLSL is platform agnostic, whereas the newer, faster Metal API runs only on Apple hardware)

The app which is available on the Mac App Store comes with 200 pre-built effects to get you going. An in-app purchase remove a rendering watermark, which all means you can geek-out for free trying them out. 

The supplied shaders and plugins are a good start, but it can get complex very quickly as the app allows the user to write their own shaders.

Hand coding a shader might be beyond a few users, but it certainly opens up many interesting possibilities. The are even third-party websites that host shaders that can be used with ISF for Motion.

All three websites allow to preview and modify the shaders in the browser. Do not click if you want to do anything else today!!!

Interactive Shader Format



We particularly like some of the water effects as these are really hard make photorealistic in graphics programs.


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