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The app might be dead but the technology lives on. Apple are awarded two patents for parts of Shake.

This is very curious as you would have thought that all things Shake would be in cardboard boxes in an underground storage facility by now. Thinking this through, it was only a couple of months ago that Randy Ubillos won a patent with Apple for the Log & Capture tool in FCP, so maybe this is part of a bigger plan to try and protect features.

Shake did all its compositing magic using the CPU. FCP as we know will utilise the GPU more and more for image processing. The patents mentions neither, so it's the actual process that has been patented, could this mean that important features are being lined up for FCP?

Let's take a quick look at the patents, do we see some 3D alignment, panorama or image stabilising here?

7,912,337   Spatial and temporal alignment of video sequences:

"Some embodiments allow a video editor to spatially and temporally align two or more video sequences into a single video sequence. As used in this application, a video sequence is a set of images (e.g., a set of video frames or fields). A video sequence can be from any media, such as broadcast media or recording media (e.g., camera, film, DVD, etc.). Some embodiments are implemented in a video editing application that has a user selectable alignment operation, which when selected aligns two or more video sequences. In some embodiments, the alignment operation identifies a set of pixels in one image (i.e., a "first" image) of a first video sequence and another image (i.e., a "second" image) of a second video sequence. The alignment operation defines a motion function that describes the motion of the set of pixels between the first and second images. The operation then defines an objective function based on the motion function. The operation finds an optimal solution for the objective function. Based on the objective function, the operation identifies a transform, which it then applies to the first image in order to align the first image with the second image."

7,912,317   Estimating and removing lens distortion from scenes:

"Some embodiments provide a method of editing images with distortion caused by a camera lens. The method identifies a set of geometries on a set of images taken by the camera lens. The method finds transformations for applying on the set of identified geometries to remove distortion on the geometries. The method applies the transformations to images taken by the camera lens to remove distortions. In some embodiments the identified geometries are curvilinear lines that correspond to straight lines in the scene being captured by the lens. Some embodiments provide a method of matching distortion for adding graphical objects to images. The method first removes the distortion on the images as described above. The method then adds the graphical objects to these images. Finally, the method applies inverse transformations on the images to restore them to their original form."

We were not that impressed by the line drawing of the beach at Santa Monica though!

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