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So you just finished your first FCPX job and you need to send the audio off for mixing in a plush suite with all those faders that move up and down when nobody touches them. Automatic Duck have released an update to Pro Export FCP to help you get the files and data out.

The Automatic Duck products have been around for a while now. They are excellent at enabling media and sequences to be moved to other editing and audio post platforms.

On the day FCPX is released, there is an update to allow for the exporting of AAF and OMF files. Pretty pricey at $495 but at the moment it's the only solution.

The exclusive AAF and OMF export for Final Cut Pro X.

  • All audio "tracks" exported at once
  • Audio media embedding option
  • Audio resampling to 32000 KHz, 44100 KHz, 48000 KHz or 96000 KHz for maximum export flexibility
  • Bit rate options of 16-bit or 24-bit
  • User definable handles for export
  • Audio crossfades
  • Audio keyframes become gain automation
  • Clip-based audio levels
  • Manual fades (At this time fades are not maintained when clip also has a volume adjustment applied.
  • Retiming is not supported

More info in the User Guide. (Link removed)

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