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Whoa! hang on, don't spit your coffee out, this isn't a standalone Final Cut Pro X app running on an iPad, it's actually FCPX running remotely. We've seen this before but here Matts Macintosh shows us how well the GUI would work if FCPX was an iPad app. Interesting and frightening.

There have been quite a few videos of editing apps running on an iPad. We posted Matts video today for two reasons. The first is how the GUI actually looks and functions on the iPad. The buttons are finger sized, the multitouch features work and you can navigate around the app quite easily. Did the FCPX design team have the brief that FCPX had to be easily made into an iPad version? The second reason for posting?  That would be telling :)

To get FCPX on the IPad from his Mac, Matt used Splashtop Remote Desktop

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