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What better way to promote your live FCPX panel discussion than to make a film? Owing much to George Orwell and Ridley Scott, this short's message is very familiar.

There are quite a few live discussions/webinars or whatever you want to call them about Final Cut Pro X out there. Keycode media have got everybody's attention by producing this amusing short. Worth watching just to see the bloke getting slapped for mentioning iMovie.

Back to the event, actually we were a bit disappointed that the girl didn't attempt to throw the sledgehammer through the screen a the end!

The live panel features Michael Kammes, Larry Jordan, Norman Hollyn and a few others yet to be announced. If you can make Burbank at 7PM PST on the 18th then you can register for the event here. If you can't then there will be a live stream but again you have to register beforehand to watch.

You can also submit questions to the panel beforehand on Twitter. Ours would be "Why are some NLE's more equal than others?"

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