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When Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central posted his excellent 15 part grading tutorial, we overlooked the range of presets he had made for FCPX. He's offering free presets as well as a $49 pack of looks.

There is no doubt the colour (sorry I'm a Brit) grading tutorials from Denver went down a storm. We had emails everyday asking when the next set were going to be released. Please check them out if you haven't watched them, they are a great resource for all FCPX editors.

We did overlook his $49 pack of presets that he is promoting on the site, so with a new quick start video produced, we will let Denver show you exactly what you get for your money. The video is worth a watch just to see some of the colour correction techniques.


There are three free presets on offer too if you subscribe to the Color Grading Central site.

His presets are also available for Magic Bullet Looks 2, Apple Color and DaVinci Resolve.