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Digital Heaven are no strangers to writing software for Final Cut Pro. This is their first offering for FCPX, two free effects, a grid generator and a safe title area generator.

Digital Heaven have written some great tools for FCP editors. They have ranged from a disk space calculator widget, right up to a full multicam editing system before you could edit multicameras properly in FCP. A lot of their plugins were written with FXScript which didn't make the cut from from 7 to X

They have two brand spanking new FCPX effects for you, first up is WideSafeX. The number of times we have had to reign in some fancy graphical design because of 4:3 safe! Broadcasters still fail submitted programmes on title safe problems, especially lower thirds, so a tool for checking graphic compliance is essential.

"DH_WideSafeX is a video generator for Final Cut Pro X & Motion 5 which provides 4:3, 14:9 and 16:9 action and title safe areas whilst working in 16:9 aspect ratio sequences. Both NTSC/PAL standard definition and high definition 720/1080 are supported by DH_WideSafeX. The plug-in is compliant with BBC/EBU safe area specifications."

The second effect is GridX, used for lining things up in FCPX or Motion. Just a quick note here that CMD' displays the built in grid generator in Motion.

"Ever needed to line up elements to an onscreen grid? Take a look at DH_GridX, a generator for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 which displays a grid with up to thirty divisions. DH_GridX's horizontal and vertical divisions can be independently set and the grid drawn over either the entire frame or a custom defined area. The line color and width can also be set."

Downloading the effects requires you to enter your email address. Many thanks to @chrisbobs for the tip.

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