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Sick of skimming in Final Cut Pro X? Could Apple be planning on including a three dimensional CoverFlow in iMovie first and therefore FCPX? Who knows, but they got awarded the patent.

Our head is still spinning from trying to digest the patent document! Maybe patent documents get written in an abstract way but detailed enough to adequately cover the protected processes.

On the 23rd of August 2011, Apple were granted a patent that covers the three dimensional display of clips. The images stacked behind are not different clips, they are the same clip with a +- frame offset. A kind of filmstrip view meets CoverFlow.

The patent which was filed on June 8th 2007 does mention iMovie, but we know from recent events that the design concepts from iMovie are closely linked to FCPX. We are trying to rack our brains here on the FCP.co campus why you should want to do this. We said before the launch of FCPX that we would love to have a CoverFlow display in the GUI, but it would be stacked with clips and not frames of the same clip. Or could this be a new trimming method that would feature in the OS or QuickTime replacement?

All speculation of course and we have seen from the past that although Apple own a patent, it doesn't mean they are going to keep the feature going in future versions: Edit to Tape being a good example.

So if you can make head or tail of the patent, let us know.

#8,006,185 Three Dimensional Viewer for Video

"A computer-implemented method of presenting digital content can include displaying several arranged in a staggered formation in a user interface, wherein at least one of the several panes is entirely visible and adjacent panes are partially visible and displayed adjacent to the entirely visible pane, displaying a frame of an item of digital content comprising a sequence of frames in an entirely visible pane and displaying adjacent frames in corresponding adjacent panes, and displaying in the entirely visible pane successive frames of the digital content item by sequentially replacing the frame in the entirely visible pane with an adjacent frame."

Much more tekkiness in the patent document should you want it.  (via Patently Apple)

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