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We first saw this a few days ago and to be honest were slightly put off by the sparse website. There is nothing like a fresh demo to prove a point and here the author shows off the script exporting RED material out of Final Cut Pro X and into After Effects.

It is no secret that the lack of exporting XML is one of the big missing features with FCPX. It has also been said on developer lists that the feature is coming but 'is taking time to get it right.'

In steps Mikael Lubtchansky with his Foolcut AE AppleScript that allows the export of video tracks into Adobe's After Effects. The script is available free as a demo for up to 5 shots and then an unlock code will be sent for a minimum donation of $89. Clever stuff.

Supported features include:

"Anchored clips, secondary storylines, compound clips, speed effects, audition, animated geometry (scale, position, anchor, rotation opacity), cross dissolve transitions, colored solids, image flip/flop, audio clips, audio levels, mixed framerates. Conform RED offline edits to R3D in AE in high resolution (5K, 4K, 2K, 1080p etc)."

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