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Yes you read the title right, this new pack of three plugins are for Final Cut Pro 7. Programmed by Graeme Nattress for DVcreators, these FXScript plugins can add that touch of Hollywood to your productions. 

This pack of filters retails at $35 and is branded as a quick and easy way to achieve film look effects without having to tweak multiple parameters.

"You may not be able to match Hollywood budgets or set design. But with FilmStyles, you’ll be able to powerfully transform the look and visual aesthetic of your video footage in many different ways: frame rate, color balance, gamma, film grain, and even reducing depth of field, to the point where if your viewers lean forward and sniff the screen, they should actually smell buttered popcorn and Red Vines."

They are written for Final Cut Pro 7 which means they won't appear in FCPX if you have that installed too. DVcreators point out that Apple have re-released FCP7 so the user base is still growing in the industry.


G DVC FilmStyles
(Film Look)
  • S-Gamma simulates response curve of film
  • Black & White Diffusion filters add glow and soften without losing sharpness
  • Tint with blend modes for a huge variety of looks, tint gradients for dramatic skies
  • Film grain control

G DVC 35mm DOF
(Film Depth of Field)
  • Simulates shallow depth of field in post
  • Improves quality of final video
  • Facilitates better storytelling
  • Keyframeable rectangle/oval shape masks
  • Darken outside mask for vignetting
  • Invert mask for “Incognito” effect


G DVC FilmStyles 24p
(Film Motion)
  • Gives 60i/50i video the motion characteristics of film
  • Converts 60i to 30p (or 50i (PAL) to 25p)
  • Converts 60i to 24p with 3:2 pulldown
  • Smart deinterlacing preserves resolution
  • Motion blur control

There are loads of before and after stills on the website and a video that shows the plugin in action.

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