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We were pleased to be invited to the Sony Press Conference at IBC a few weeks ago. In the presentation the Final Cut Pro X icon was used, so afterwards we asked some questions and got a few surprising answers.

You may have been wondering about our rather curious statement in the article about Sony's new XDCAM iPad/iPhone/Android logging system XMPilot. All can be revealed as the news about Apple opening up FCPX so camera manufacturers can write their own import plugins is out in the open.

Straight after the press conference we searched out the part of the stand that showed the FCPX icon in a montage of logos on a large LCD screen. We asked the first demo guy who we could find about what products work with Final Cut Pro X and he was a little puzzled although he explained the 2K workflow below. We then got passed onto a Japanese software engineer who told us that Sony were currently working on an import plugin for FCPX that would allow SRMASTER files to be imported directly.

We were rather stunned and also slightly worried that we'd cross examined the engineer into submission. At the moment the (unreleased) plugin and FCPX will convert the files to ProRes, hopefully you will be able to work directly with higher data rate formats such as 16bit linear SRRAW files if an SR-R4 has been used.

Time for a bit of detective work here as things don't quite add up. Take a look a the stand where the SRMASTER ingest was being demonstrated. You'll see that it says SR-R1 High Speed Ingest.


Look at what they have on the table and you will see the SR-R1 outputting into an AJA IO XT via HD-SDI and using the Control Room app to record 1080. - In realtime.


Then take a look at the little LCD panel with the brief product specs.


Doesn't really add up does it? How can an AJA IO XT run 8 times faster that real time? The Sony engineer also said that SRMASTER files will be able to be ingested into FCP7.

This will certainly turbocharge FCPX ahead of its competitors as it is true 64bit and Thunderbolt connectivity will mean reading the large files won't be a problem. Now we know that FCPX can export to Resolve this opens up a very inexpensive 4K post production and grading solution. Resolve was shown working with F65 footage at the other end of the desk.

We're very excited as this shows other manufacturers are taking FCPX seriously. If Sony are writing high spec camera ingest plugins for FCPX, then expect a whole raft of other camera manufacturers to do the same.

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