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A headline writers dream, not the name of the product but the opportunity was far too good to miss! ISP from Japan have updated their Film Color like HDR plugin to work with Final Cut Pro X.

The Research Institute of Systems Planning Inc from Japan are no strangers to us here on FCP.co, we featured their keyer 'Robuskey' for FCPX back in September.

Now they have updated their Film Color like HDR plugin to work within FCPX and although the website doesn't state it, we would expect it to work in Motion5 too. The plugin makes any footage look as though it has been shot using techniques for HDR or High Dynamic Range capture. This is normally achieved in still photography by taking 3 shots of the same scene at different exposures and combining them. Your iPhone can do the same trick.

This plugin is an emulator though, so it gives the look of HDR to your footage. The FCPX upgrade to the plugin adds support to exisiting After Effects, Premiere Pro and Edius compatibility.


The Research Institute of Systems Planning are a company that specialise in 'medical information, device control & space exploration systems, communications and networks, and image processing' so you'll probably find some very clever maths going on with all those pixels in the plugin.

There is a 15 day free trial for the plugin and it can be purchased for $71 through Toolfarm.


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