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You might have visited our growing list of free Final Cut Pro X effects on our Forum, but we thought this one was worth a special mention. A free BBC specification title & action safe layer, definitely worth a bookmark.

The bane of many motion graphic artists and editors out there is making stuff that 'is in safe' for broadcast. A lot of apps have built-in title safe overlays, but a many of them don't conform to industry specs. The best example of this being the old Final Cut Pro 7 overlay, then again Apple did put those little notches on the guides when they realised there were a lot of editors working in 16:9.

Our free list of FCPX effects, transitions, generators and titles has been growing nearly every day since we set up the list on our forum. It has proved to be hugely popular. Over the weekend, Simon Ubsdell posted this free title & action safe layer for FCPX and rather than it just melt into the listings, we thought we would give the very handy effect a wider audience on our front page.

Many thanks to Simon for sitting down and building this effect to BBC standards. 


By the way, not that we want to go there but where are those hills used as the FX image placeholders?

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