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You can tell Christmas is around the corner, first of all the decorations in shops have been up since the day after Halloween. Secondly it's the season to promote your book.

Jared Ewing has stuck his head above the parapet by calling his book 'awesome' but then again you're not going to call a book "An OK guide" are you? Industry books do seem to be pretty popular at the moment, the two that stick out on our Amazon records are Edgar Rothermich's graphic enhanced manual for FCPX and John Buck's TimelIne 2, the second installment of the history of editing.

We always welcome new tutorial makers, writers and contributors who add to the FCP ecosystem, so we were very keen to take a look at the sample extract iTunes will send to your iOS device. Unfortunately the pages sent are right at the beginning of the book so it is hard to judge how much depth it goes into. The book has been out since the end of September, so we would be interested from anybody who has actually bought it. We would also recommend that the author follows Edgar's example and offer a hard copy option on Amazon.

The book is available for $9.99 through iTunes and you can use the same link to get the sample sent to your iOS device.

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