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Two completely different articles from two completely different sources, both full of information on Final Cut Pro X.

A couple of articles for you to read on a Monday morning. The first is an excellent tutorial on using transitions within FCPX. Ken Stone always writes well researched and detailed tutorials on his site, he's now published a comprehensive guide to using transitions within Final Cut Pro X. As an example, if you were wondering what's the difference between 'Full overlap' and 'Use available media," then this article will show you, all with the aid of many diagrams.

Ken Stone Transitions in FCPX

The second article is a bit more than an article, it's a whole supplement to the UK magazine Televisual. Called 'Icons, The future of content creation, it majors on FCPX. One article called 'The beginning of a new chapter for FCP' has Hogarth Worldwide Ltd CTO Mark Keller giving his thoughts on FCPX.

He found the clip browser 'quite startling': "We run big workgroups so we're really into tagging and descriptive metadata. Apple has obviously paid an awful lot of attention to how Final Cut Pro X can extract as much data as possible from the raw files it is reading. It also allows you to enhance the metadata in a really sensible way. It can have time-based metadata as well, so you can span a set of frames and describe that set, rather than put markers all through the clip. That's great for us; it has a hige amount of potential and it's just really sensible."

No mention of when or if his company will make the transition to FCPX though.

You can read the full Televisual supplement here.·

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