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New to us, the Danish software company Irudis has launched a photo style colour correction plugin for FCPX, Final Cut Pro 7, Motion and Final Cut Express.

Another day, another colour corrector for Final Cut Pro, well it has seemed a bit like that over the last month or two. We will still take a look at Tonalizer from Irudis which has been released this week, it's slightly different from your average 'grades' package.

What makes the $179 Tonalizer plugin special? The product is being sold as the first plugin that enables photographic style grading for video.

"Tonalizer|VFXTM is created to meet the demands of videographers and post-production pros. The result is a powerful and intuitive plug-in tailored to correct video footage for inescapable shortcomings due to adverse capture conditions such as poor exposure, lack of contrast, blocked shadows and highlights, improper white balance etc."

Our vision is to create a new category of video editing products whose solid foundation is built on our advanced photographic software expertise, explains Kenneth T. Laerke, CEO of Irudis. We consider our primary audience to be post-production pros although we anticipate that our solutions will be of serious interest to photographers embracing video.

Our initial impression is that it contains one feature that many editors have been asking for in FCPX, noise reduction.