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This is a unique colour correction plugin from the people who bought you Motype and Nodes. Now you can colour correct in FCPX without taking your eyes off the viewer!

So what makes Moods different from all the other colour correction plugins and methods out there? Six circles are superimposed over your footage and you can move virtual controls on each which will then adjust the look. You get onscreen controls of Desaturate/Silver/Contrast, Exposure/Gamma, 3 way colour balance of shadows/mids/highlights and a wheel for washing the shadows with a colour.

Previous plugins from Yanobox have been very inventive and this is a new intuitive way of colour correction within FCPX, you can also use the plugin in Motion5 and After Effects. The $49 plugin also comes with a bank of presets to get you stated.

You can give the plugin a go for yourself with the free watermarked trial. Moods is bundled with the new FxFactory 3 installer.

There is a tutorial video for Moods too.