✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

Eye Scream Factory have launched 74 DVE effects for Boris Red and that means they will work in our old friend Final Cut Pro 7.

As we have said before, the introduction of FCPX didn't kill off the legacy versions of Final Cut Pro overnight. There are still millions of users out there, so it is nice to see developers that are still making new products that work in FCP7.

Kevin P McAuliffe has produced 74 DVE transition presets under the brand Eye Scream Factory that work in the Boris Red Application. As the application is cross platform, the same presets will also work in Avid Media Composer 6 and Symphony 6.

The transitions are priced at $49 and although we can't find it indicated on the website, we would assume that no purchase of Boris Red is necessary to get the effects working, just an installation.

"The presets include a wide variety of organic and fluid DVE transitions. Editors can easily preview and apply presets to host application video inside the Avid FX 6 or Boris RED 5 Library Browser. The graphical preset Library Browser makes finding the desired look a snap. All of the included preset effects can be customized and combined with other effects.

Editors can then save new customized presets to the Avid FX or Boris RED Library Browser - or an Avid or Final Cut Pro 7 bin - for future use. In addition, the presets can be used with Boris RED 5 or Avid FX 6 as a standalone application or inside any Macintosh or Windows host application in which Avid FX 6 or Boris RED 5 is installed."

These transitions definitely have a retro ADO or A53 DVE feel about them and would fit a show or production where you either need to indicate the passage of time or change location or thread often. The customisation means that the transitions could be tweaked to make subsets for different shows.

Being able to build custom transitions for Final Cut Pro and Avid is certainly an attractive proposition, but on the FCP side, the potential market is getting diluted by the large FCPX uptake. If Boris Red could support Final Cut Pro X as well then we could see a bright future for these type of effects.

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