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It only seemed a story away that we were talking about customising titles in Final Cut Pro X. SquidFX have done exactly that with this new effect for FCPX, it's on special offer too.

Everybody these days wants to make their product, service or cat video look like a movie trailer. Ok, maybe we over exaggerated about the last one, but the hard hitting movie graphic style has become very popular.

SquidFX have launched 'TitlePilot' a custom written FCPX effect that flys titles onto the screen and can add animation to the letters as well. Ideal for that movie trailer look or for just trying to add a bit of impact to some boring bullet points.


The good news about the effect is that SquidFX have a promotion running where you can pick up the normally priced $50 TitlePilot for $25.

"With TitlePilot you can choose from 7 flight paths or set your own course with a Custom Path. Using a Custom Flight Path lets you lock in the camera target with On-Screen-Control. It's extremely precise so you can easily plot a course through a specific letter. No keyframes necessary."



"TitlePilot comes with optional actions called Assemble and Break-Up. These actions add drama by choosing a random path for each letter in your title. Set a mysterious mood… or go extreme! Dial in the intensity of the movement to get the look you want. With the click of a button you can re-randomize the action to make it fresh and unique."



Start with Final Cut Pro's native text style options like color, outline and glow. Then use TitlePilot to choose from a list of 8 cool looks like "Chiseled and "Electroshock". Or add some thickness to your fonts with the 3D-Text-Depth controls. When you're done you can combine your title with other effects from the FCPX library for even more looks.



SquidFX have also published a tutorial to give you an idea of how the effect works in Final Cut Pro X.

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