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Granted the headline was attention seeking, but it wasn't my words. Apricorn have released a 4 SSD PCIe card for $1,499 that installs into a MacPro.


"Perfect for high definition video rendering, Apricorn's Mac Array has been shown to slash rendering times by 80% in real world tests."

"When used to render a 3.20 minute music video with Final Cut Pro, the Mac Array cut rendering time from 18 minutes to less than 4 minutes. Converting the corresponding video to QuickTime was reduced from 20 minutes to just 3 minutes."

"Great for Graphic Artists too. With image processing performance increases of up to 360% the Mac Array is also the ideal tool for fast image editing."

"Real world tests using the MacArray as a scratch disk showed phenomenal results in image processing. Using Photoshop v.12 to open, rotate 180, adjust Auto Levels and save as a Photoshop document a 924MB TIFF photo the Mac Array showed performance increases of 360% over a traditional 7200RPM SATA hard drive. Rotation of the high resolution image decreased from 10:45 minutes to just 3 minutes with the Mac Array. No more waiting on large files."

Whilst this all sounds good, they are using just a single disk as a benchmark. Many things affect how fast FCP can render. Disk speed for access to assets and write back is just one component. Processor speed and graphics card are in some ways more critical especially with the expanding usage of FxPlug technology.

Apricorn even supply an installation video, dodgy aspect ratio though.

So I'll wait for a while I think.   Huh? What do you mean you can link two together?

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