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***Updated with link to Mac App Store***

The loss of being able to send a clip to Motion from Final Cut Pro X severely hampered the interoperability and thus the creativity between the new FCPX and Motion5. Here's one step to getting roundtripping back with a brand new App.

There have been many forum posts that start off with the question "How do I send a clip to Motion from FCPX." Unfortunately that option was removed when the new FCPX/Motion5 combo was released back in June 2011.

***Commercial version now available on the Mac App Store.***

Alex King has written a free App called FCPX Send to Motion that will now allow you do do exactly that.

"Just export your project as .fcpxml (File > Export XML), drag it onto the dock icon, select the clip you’d like to export, and it’ll create and open a new Motion project, setup with the right length, clip, and frame rate. It’s not perfect, but it saves a lot of time setting up projects and copying information by hand."

So the outward ticket of roundtripping is possible with the App, we asked Alex about his workflow.

"What I tend to do is render a movie, copy the old clip in FCPX, drop on the new clip to replace and audition, and then paste effects from the old clip, so you get your audio/etc. changes back."

Now, here comes the clever bit. The App is free although Alex would like you to make a donation if it has been useful. We suggested having the option of being able to export the footage into a Motion Effects or MOEF file. Once saved that would appear as an effect that could be dropped onto the original clip, modified by reopening the file or even used on other clips. We think that would make very good paid for App on the App store.

Many thanks to Alex for getting in touch, we like to see the FCPX ecosystem 'self healing' some of the program's shortcomings.

Oh by the way, you will need to be running Lion or above.

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