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A three part multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X special from Mark Spencer and Steve Martin on MacBreak Studio. We publish part one, the setup. Plus we link to their free update of the Ripple Training FCPX tutorials and publish a money off coupon code if you haven't bought them already.

I don't think there is anybody out there, even the big FCPX slammers that won't agree that Apple have now got probably the best multicam editing tools for any NLE on the market.

We have been stunned at just how easy and quick the multicam editing is in Final Cut Pro X. No more slipping clips with that dreaded hand icon because the timecode is a frame out on one angle. FCPX is very clever, but there is still a place for training as Apple always have some handy features tucked away.

In this first part of three MacBreak Studio episodes, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin look at how ·to manage, optimise and group media into a multicam clip. Good information in there about proxies, especially if you are using media from a DSLR.

Many thanks to the guys, we will look forward to the next two episodes. We have also been contacted by Steve to say that their training videos have been updated for 10.0.3. This is a free update, more information on this PDF

If you haven't bought any tutorial videos from Ripple Training, they are offering our readers a 15% discount until the end of February. Just use the coupon code fcpdotco.