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Irudis have released a free version of their popular photographic style grading plugin Tonalizer. Tonalizer VFX Lite is free and ready for download for all Final Cut Pro 7 and FCPX users.

Irudis launched Tonalizer VFX back in December and since then it has got some good reviews, especially as it takes a photographic style approach to colour correction.

TonalizerLite_guiNow they have launched a free version called Tonalizer VFX Lite. This is a slimmed down version, offering the same type of image processing but with less control. The free version, like its bigger brother will work with Final Cut Pro 7, FCPX, Final Cut Express 4 and Motion 4&5.

Kenneth T. Laerke, CEO of Irudis, says: Based on the feedback received from the early adopters ofTonalizer|VFXâ„¢ PRO, we are convinced that we will succeed in building a new category of photo-style video editing products aimed at videographers, cinematographers, postproduction pros, and especially HDSLR shooters. With the introduction of Tonalizer|VFXâ„¢ LITE as a FREE product we hope to demonstrate our commitment to investing in the market, ensuring that our technologies are made available to as many users as possible - even among those new to video grading."

Irudis have also renamed the original plugin to Tonalizer VFX Pro and it is still available from their store for $179.00

They have also produced this chart which shows the difference in features between the Pro and the Lite version of Tonalizer



Here is the original demo video of Tonalizer, now Tonalizer VFX Pro!

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