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Bored with the built in FX in FCPX? Fresh out of the box are ten new transitions in a pack called 'TransiMatic' from SquidFX.

Plugins for Final Cut Pro have evolved phenomenally since FCPX was released last year. Development times are down, programming knowledge needed is down and more importantly for the end users, the prices are down. The link between Motion and FCPX has enabled effect producers to bring to market inexpensive complex effects that wouldn't have been possible with FCP7.

Transimatic from SquidFX is a set of 10 transitions that swing, slide and fold the incoming and outgoing clips on an FCPX timeline. The pack has an introductory price of $39 which will rise to $75 after March 20th.

'TransiMatic comes with 10 awesome FCPX transitions that let you swing, flip and slide clips like a professional animator. You can apply them to video, images, generators and titles. Go beyond everyday stock moves. These transitions are filled with personality.'


There is also a short tutorial that shows you how the effects can be customised:

'With TransiMatic you can select from a generous list of Motion styles. Edge thickness is just a click away. Go ahead and walk through the core features of TransiMatic with this brief video.·