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There's now a lot of books published on Final Cut Pro X, so using Amazon as the rank provider, we thought we would publish the top ten FCPX books out there.

The big dilemma in the FCP.co office this morning was in what order should the list be published as?  We thought 1 to 10 would make easier reading so here we go!


1_FCPX_WeynandSo the best selling Final Cut Pro X book goes to Diana Weynand with Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X. No real surprise here as the Peachpit range of books have always been popular, it's also the official book used in getting certified for FCPX.

The book comes with a DVD-ROM with the media files you will need to follow along with the lessons. Normally priced at $55 you'll find it marked down to $34 at the moment. Kindle version also available.



2_FCPX_RothermichIn at number 2 and just missing the top spot is Edgar Rothermich's Final Cut Pro- How it Works: A new type of manual - the visual approach.

Edgar has taken a very different method of documenting the functionality of FCPX by using diagrams rather than blocks of text. He calls it a 'GEM' or a graphically enhanced manual. This $15 book has been hugely popular and received many good reviews.



3_FCPX_JordanSpot number three goes to FCP guru Larry Jordan with the $45, down to $28 book Final Cut Pro X Making the transition.

The billing says "Within a weekend, users will learn the best ways to start editing in this groundbreaking program in this must-have guide."

Kindle version also available.



4_FCPX_HarringtonIf you own a DSLR that shoots video and you want to use FCPX then this fourth placed book is for you. From Still to Motion is priced at $35, but discounted to $23.

"Up until now, editing DSLR video has been anything but easy–syncing sound, transcoding footage, fixing rolling shutter–but the “look” made it all worthwhile." Project files and media available for download.

Kindle version also available.


5_FCPX_WolskyWritten by Forum contributor Tom Wolsky, the number five spot goes to the $30 discounted to $20 book Final Cut Pro X for iMovie and Final Cut Express Users: Making the Creative Leap.

With Tom's experience in the business and backed by the Focal Press pedigree, this book ranked 5 is an ideal start for anybody moving from FCE or iMovie to Final Cut Pro X.

Kindle version also available.


6_FCPX_brenneisAt position number six we have Final Cut Pro X: Visual QuickStart Guide

Written by longtime FCP author Lisa Brenneis and one of the original FCP designers Michael Wohl, this $40 book discounted to $24 bills itself as a clear, straightforward guide to FCPX. It also uses tasked-based step by step instructions with visuals and time saving tips.

Kindle version also available.


7_FCPX_Rothermich2Edgar Rothermich has also got an entry in at number seven. A $21 follow up to the second slot, this book Final Cut Pro X: the Details priced at $21 goes into more, er detail.

We think the fact that two of these 'GEMS' are in the top ten proves their popularity. A great way to learn FCPX using the innovative graphic display method. Well worth checking out if you haven't read one before.




One half of the Macbreak team, Mark Spencer gets the eighth position with another Peachpit publication, Apple Pro Training Series: Keying and Compositing in Final Cut Pro X

Slightly odd here as this book only shows up as $2 Kindle edition on Amazon. We will do some detective work and figure out what is going on. If it really is $2 then I'd download it fast!

See the update below.


9_FCPX_AdvancedThe last three entries are taken up by Peachpit publications. Position number nine goes to Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X Advanced Editing.

A second entry for Michael Wohl, this time this $60 book discounted to $45, digs deeper into FCPX with advanced editing techniques.

This book is in our charts, but it hasn't been released yet. Expect it to move up once it's out there.


10_FCPX_HurkmanEven more of a puzzle is the entry at our number 10 position. Apple Pro Training Series: Making Basic Color Adjustments in Final Cut Pro X hasn't been released and isn't even priced yet, although a Kindle version is available for $2.

We think there must be a pricing problem with some of the Peachpit books on Amazon, but it ranked at 10 so deserves listing.

See the update below.


UPDATED We have had a chat with Mark Spencer and items 8 and 10 are actually chapters from the upcoming book which is item 9. They're only available in a download format and are meant to be a teaser for the main book. As for the low price, we are still checking that out. Slightly confusing from Amazon there, maybe we should do the top 12!

So there you go, the top ten FCPX book rundown on this Monday morning. We've had to use a bit of judgement in omitting a few books because they were FCP7 orientated, but with the caveat that mileage may vary, that's the top ten based on popularity on Amazon.

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