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We think this is one of those apps where you won't see the large potential workflow possibilities until you start using it. Imagenharia has launched Editoid, an app that lets you make FCPX template timelines.

A lot of editing can be repetitive, it might be substituting product shots or freshening up bumpers for a broadcast production. It can get pretty boring doing the drudge work.

Imagenharia have come up with Editoid, an app that can save and launch templated timelines based on keywords. Why not just duplicate a project we hear you ask? As Editoid uses FCPXML, it replaces the 'placeholder' clips on the timeline with new clips that have the same keyword. If there is more than one clip with the same keyword then Editoid automatically makes an audition.


All non keyworded clips, transitions and titles are all kept in the same relative position, you can even make the placeholders into text generators. There's a quickstart PDF published, but here's a three stage workflow example:

1 In the Final Cut Pro X project library, select a project and export its XML, saving it inside Editoid's templates folder. Editiod watches that folder and automatically creates In and Out folders for each template.

2 Select an FCPX Event and export its XML, saving it inside the In folder for the template to be used. Editoid watches all templates In folders and automatically creates a new Project XML for each Event XML in the folders.

3 Now simply double click the generated Project XML in the template's Out folder and Final Cut Pro X will open it and show the generated edit.

The good news is that Editoid has a 30 project free trial, the bad news is that the purchase price is a slightly large $149. However if you are using Editoid on a commercial project, the time saved would easily cover the cost of the purchase.

We haven't had time to test the app ourselves so we would be interested to hear from users who have found new workflow methods with Editoid. We will contact Joao Paulo who kindly sent us the information, and ask if he can produce a demo video. All those events and projects get a bit confusing.

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