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Two recent presentations that both talk about Final Cut Pro X. One from industry guru Evan Schectmann in the US, the other from Mark Richard Adams of Doghouse Productions in the UK.

First up is an hour and twenty minutes from Evan Schechtman, the CTO of Radical Media who presents on the state of the video editing ecosystem. This slipped under the radar in the run up to NAB and is well worth a watch. Who remembers those Blue Ice cards that accelerated an Avid?

Evan was not only the presenter of one of the most popular videos ever about FCPX, he also was a speaker at the recent Smoke 2013 launch that we attended at NAB this year. A very detailed and humorous view of the state of editing and what will happen next.


Next up is an introduction to Final Cut Pro X presented by Mark Richard Adams; MD of Doghouse Post Production in Bristol. Mark's positive opinion on FCPX is interesting as he already has a successful 11 suite post production business that uses FCP7 & Avid. He starts right from the basics and gives us a tour through FCPX's features. Both presentations could have been helped by a screenflow recording of the screen or indeed slides being inserted to help, but they are still packed with useful information.