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The guys at Ripple Training have branched out from their excellent tutorials and released Callouts, a $49 FxFactory based plugin for Final Cut Pro X. If you need to make a graphic point onscreen, a few clicks of Callouts will make sure it's seen.

Previewed at the recent SuperMeet in Las Vegas during NAB week, Ripple Training have released their first FxFactory based plugin called Callouts.

"Callouts is a Final Cut Pro X plug-in that puts the power of emphasis into your hands. Add arrows, shapes, magnifiers, animated map trajectories, speech and thought bubbles and much more to your next video project. Callouts can be used for instructional or whimsical purposes, and they never fail to make their point."

If you have to illustrate areas, directions or items onscreen then this plugin will pay for itself in one job based on the amount of time saved. They've done a really good job in designing 10 different tools to make sure that the message has been received. Probably worth having for the animating line maker for maps alone if the volume of questions on forums asking how to do such an effect is any guide.

It's also one of those plugins where you really need to watch the video to understand the range of options the plugin brings...

Of course, Ripple Training are known for their tutorials and they have produced a short guide on using·Callouts too.

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