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The UK BBC TV show TopGear has been using custom transitions to get a very stylised feel to their VT inserts. HyGear is a $49 pack of FCPX transitions that replicate the look.

The TopGear show has been hugely successful and there is no doubt their style of editing using custom pre-made transitions has helped. Jonathan Richards has produced a pack of transitions for Final Cut Pro X called HyGear that aim to reproduce the transitions they have used in recent shows.

Now you can drop one of these 22 transitions onto a join and immediately get flashes, fast cuts and blurs to give your edit an extra bit of impact.


Jonathon says: "Varying in style, these transitions add that ‘TopGear’ look to your edits. The piece above was shot in 2hrs on a flat grey day. Imagine what your edits will look like when the light is good and you spend plenty of time getting those cool shots and (more importantly) get that back end hanging out…"

Most of the effects are of a fixed duration as they use custom artwork that needs to be timed correctly. The package comes wrapped in a custom installer, so there is no dragging of files into folders and you don't need Motion5 to have these effects work in FCPX.


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