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The options for getting clips and projects from Final Cut Pro X into After Effects are decreasing. Foolcut won't work wih versions above 10.0.2 and Automatic Duck is only for Final Cut Pro 7. The new ClipExporter version 1.1 from MindTransplant fills that gap.

Thomas from MindTransplant kindly emailed us to say that ClipExporter version 1.1 has been released. If you haven't come across this handy $25.99 app before, it allowed you to export projects from Final Cut Pro X into After Effects.

Version 1 already had some impressive features:

- Exports Quicktime reference movies. These files can be opened in other applications like Mocha, Motion, PFTrack etc.
- Export for After Effects. 
- Exports Nuke files. All in-/out-frames and timeline positions match your exported Final Cut Pro X project.
- Export for Syntheyes. A custom (.synInfo) file format is created for import in Syntheyes. 
- Adds handle frames (optionally). Extends each clip length by a given number of frames.
- Creates shot based folders with naming conventions.
- Creates subfolders (optionally).
- Saves disc space by referring to the original source media. No files are copied.

Version 1.1 has new features and bugfixes. Now by using Roles you can export only one or selected clips from the timeline, pretty handy as we know many users on our Forum have been asking for this feature in FCPX for a long time.