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If there is one question that gets asked the most often on our busy FCPX forum, it's "When will Neat Video release their noise reduction plugin for Final Cut Pro X" Now we know the answer, you can buy it today.

The beta for Final Cut Pro X has been available for download for a while now, but this week Neat Video have published the official 3.2 version that supports FCPX. There are two versions of the plugin available. A home version for $49 that supports frame sizes up to 1280x720 and a Pro version for $99 that supports higher bit depth rendering and an unlimited frame size.

  • Neat Video adds support for FCP X

    • Added support for Final Cut Pro X (10.0.4)
      Neat Video plug-in for FCP now also supports FCP X
    • Additional optimizations of filters for multi-core CPUs and GPUs
    • Updated to CUDA 4.2
      • NVidia GTX 680 and newer GPUs are supported
      • Improved performance of GPU-based render
    • Color themes: normal and reduced brightness options (see in Neat Video Preferences)
    • Several compatibility issues and bugs have been fixed
  • The updated·Neat Video 3.2 plug-in for FCP now also adds support for·FCP X and includes several other improvements:

If you haven't come across the Neat Video noise reduction plugin before, it does a cracking job of removing noise by analysing patterns in the video. This is perfect for DSLR material that has been shot with a high ISO rating, although when reducing noise it won't add detail.

It's also pretty good at removing noise and compression artefacts from digital TV tuner footage

There are some known issues with Final Cut Pro X

With FCPX: if the clip where Neat Video is applied is located·in non-main timeline in an event (not project but event), the filter may not work. The problem is caused by a bug in FCP X (10.0.4): FCPX does not provide all frames requires to conduct temporal processing. We are working with Apple to help them fix that FCP X bug. Until it is fixed, the workaround is to apply Neat Video in main timeline only or in a project instead of an event.

With FCPX: on systems with CUDA-enabled video cards, Neat Video plug-in may try to use CUDA to speed up processing and in some cases during the first start of FCPX, the plug-in may give an error indicating a lack of free GPU memory. Please restart FCPX in such a situation, this may help to resolve the problem. Alternatively, disable use of GPU in Neat Video's Preferences: open the main window of the plug-in using the·"Options window"·popup menu, go to menu Tools > Preferences > Performance and select to use CPU only.

With FCPX: FCP X with enabled skimming and background rendering may be slower to respond to user actions when a computationally-intensive filter (such as Neat Video) is added to the project. Please consider disabling skimming and/or background rendering in FCPX Preferences or temporarily disabling Neat Video (in the panel·Inspector > Video > Effects > Reduce Noise) when not adjusting Neat Video's settings.

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