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Whilst we were all watching the keynote speech text blog on Monday, RE:Vision effects released the pro version of Twixtor for FCPX. Many thanks to Michael Horton at LAFCPUG for the tip.

We reported back in March that RE:Vision effects had released Twixtor for FCPX and that a pro version would be available soon. Twixtor Pro was released on June 11th, the same day as the keynote speech at WWDC and amid the new Mac Pro debate.

Although Optical Flow is built into Motion5 and FCPX too, Twixtor is the king of retiming video to give that impression footage was shot with a high frame rate camera. There are many skateboarding videos out there that demo the ultra slomo look, but you can achieve much more with Twixtor as demonstrated by this music video from Autozamm.


One of the problems with retiming footage using any optical flow technology is that the background can get morphed at the same time as the foreground matter. We saw a couple of videos on the GoPro stand at NAB this year that had the ground 'bending' underneath slomo skydivers and wingsuit guys. Twixtor Pro adds the function of drawing mattes that enable the plugin to differentiate between the background and foreground matter.

"Final Cut Pro X users have been requesting Twixtor Pro support for some time now, and we have worked diligently to give users the rich experience and results they expect from Twixtor," says Pete Litwinowicz, President of RE:Vision Effects, Inc.

Twixtor Pro adds the following features to Twixtor regular:
* Twixtor Pro allows mattes to be used to disambiguate the motion of multiple objects, specifying up to 3 foreground layers.
* Twixtor Pro uses up to 12 hand-animated points to help guide Twixtor Pro's motion estimation. By using the tracking points, users can explicitly tell Twixtor where a pixel moves from one frame to the next in order to guide Twixtor Pro's calculation of motion vectors.

Twixtor Pro version 5.3 is supported within Final Cut Pro (FCP) X, version 10.0.4 and up. Twixtor regular continues to be support for FCP X, but now also requires FCP version 10.0.4.

Availability and compatibility:
* FCP X, 10.0.4 and up.
* FCP 6.0.3 and up, FCP 7 and up.

The price for Twixtor Pro v5 for FCPX is $595.00, with the standard version of Twixtor v5 for FCPX at $329.95.

More information about Twixtor and Twixtor Pro can be found on the RE:Vision effects website. This video tutorial was posted when the standard version of Twixtor for FCPX was released.

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