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Simon Ubsdell has been a regular contributor to our free FCPX effects list here on FCP.co. This is his first commercial product, a split screen building tool that goes far beyond your average split screen plugin.

There are a few split screen plugins for FCPX on the market and they all do a job of displaying a split screen, but for most that's just about all they do. This new $49 plugin called Tokyo Split Animator also provides tools for building a split screen, but has many more customisable options for display and animation.

Simon's put a lot of work into building 19 templates that you can add to each layer in FCPX to build up a complex composite with animations.

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"It's easy to fit your split screens into a traditional layout - or you can break free from the grid and experiment with different combinations of styles to come up with your own unique design. And wherever you choose to position your screen in the final composite, the template will keep all your animations precisely on track.

Each template gives you precise control over everything from the direction and timing of the animations, to screen alignment, image offset, fade in and out, drop shadow, border and rounded corners."

As always, the best way to see what a plugin can do is to take a look at the demo video.


Simon has also produced a tutorial video that runs through some of the advanced features.


Simon has also produced a tutorial video that runs through some of the advanced features.

This new plugin looks an easy way to add some life into video or stills and to be honest, makes a lot of other similar plugins out there look a bit pedestrian. A lot of plugin for $49. Simon uses FxFactory, the plugin management system from Noise Industries which is a free download.

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