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How could we resist a Final Cut Pro X user story when the production company decides to celebrate FCPX's first birthday with a cake? Danish company Metronome are using FCPX to cut the popular broadcast documentary series Razzia for TV2.

There was much joy on the FCP.co campus when Mikael & Ryan from Metronome sent us the pictures of the FCPX cake. We really hoped for somebody to mark the end of the first year with an iced tribute and we weren't disappointed.

metronome fcpx 4

Behind the celebration there is a success story and the guys from Copenhagen very kindly supplied us with some more information about using FCPX on their latest documentary series.

We will let them take up the story...

"A year went by and what a piece of promising software FCPX has grown into."

Here at the production company 'Metronome' in Copenhagen, Denmark, we are using FCPX to edit a very popular documentary series called Razzia, thirty episodes at a runtime of 25 min each. The show will air this fall on Danish national television (TV2). The production company (Metronome Productions) is the second largest in Denmark.

We are shooting a variety of formats including XDCAM and GoPro. Although we in the beginning tried to edit these formats natively we have learned that converting all our material into ProRes has improved performance significantly. So from now on our assistant editor transcodes all the material into ProRes using Compressor 4 before importing into FCPX.

We have found this workflow to be the most efficient.

metronome fcpx 2

The assistant editor creates a sparse disk image for every single story on our server. This way, editors and journalists are able to access and share events and projects on a "check in check out basis". We are not on a Xsan network but work entirely on an ethernet platform connected to a Mac Pro server. We have nine clients connected to this server and each user gets about 109 mb pr second.

For sound post we are using X2Pro and for color grade we export an XML from FCPX to DaVInci.

"The verdict so far: a robust, fast, innovative, sophisticated yet 'easy to use' piece of NLE software. We see a program with a truly great potential and we would rather never go back to either Media Composer or FCP7."

Many thanks to Mikael & Ryan and we wish them every success with the airing of the show. We were interested to learn that they found it easier to convert XDCAM material to ProRes with Compressor as here at FCP.co we were one of the first to twig that FCPX would not optimise that format.

And we couldn't leave without another look a that cake  - do you cut it or skim it?

metronome fcpx 3

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