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The recent Protune update that increases the bit rate on GoPro cameras has led to sharper, more saturated pictures. CrumplePop has released HDR for GoPro, a $49 plugin for Final Cut Pro X that can use all the extra data to give footage that high dynamic range look.

A new plugin from CrumplePop that compliments their existing Fisheye Fixer for editors who have to deal with GoPro footage.

HDR for GoPro is a $49 FCPX plugin that simulates a high dynamic range look. Normally HDR is achieved by taking three photos. One overexposed that captures detail in the shadows, one correctly exposed and one under exposed so as not to burn out the highlights. These images are then combined together to produce the HDR result, in fact your iPhone can do the same trick. 

This can't work with video as the subject is moving! People have however got close with hacks and plugins for higher FPS cameras such as the Canon 7D and RED. If you want the look from normal frame rate cameras, then you have to simulate it. The new Protune update for GoPros has led to higher bit rate recordings which are ideal for processing with the CrumplePop plugin. If the detail isn't in there in the first place then no amount of colour correction, tone mapping or keying will get it out.

The HDR for GoPro plugin has sliders that adjust the amount of effect so you can add a bit of bite to the footage or go for the full stylised HDR look. CrumplePop has produced this demo video so that you can see the plugin in action with some before and after examples.



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