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Everybody loves free plugins, especially when they offer a lot of functionality for no Dollars! Idustrial Revolution have just updated their popular plugin called CoverFlux which now brings iTunes style slideshows to Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro.

There are a lot of free FCPX plugins and templates out there, you only have to look at our constantly expanding list on our Forum to see how you can download hundreds of different effects without having to get your credit card out. Free cross-platform plugins are slightly different and because of the resources needed to build and test such effects, they are a lot less in numbers.

So we were very pleased to see that the popular CoverFlux2 plugin from Idustrial Revolution has been updated for Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere. It will also continue to work with the existing hosts of FCP7, Motion, FCE and After Effects. 

This free plugin takes an editable folder of images and displays them in an 'iTunes' coverflow style. You are not limited to the straight head on view either.


"Load, reorder and rename the files using the built in file browser. Select the depth of the stack, the number, the angle and even the depth of field of the display. Add round corners, soft edges and even a travelling gloss to highlight edges. Display with square or round corners, make them soft or use your own mask. Use the full XYZ camera movement & rotation to fly around the stack whilst animating."

There are three options of controlling the animation. You can choose between the animation taking the duration of the generator length, an animation in duration of seconds, or full manual control. The latter method allows you to go out of order with the images so you could go image 1, image 5, image 2, image 7 e.t.c.

We were impressed that we could get CoverFlux to run in the FCPX timeline without rendering even though it was doing some pretty heavy graphic work including titles and blurs. It is also very quick to configure and it's a very fast way to produce good looking slideshows without having to add moves, transitions and keyframes to a folder of photographs.

CoverFlux2 is a free download. You will need the plugin management system FxFactory to install the plugin, but that is a free download & install too.

There is an existing demo on CoverFlux running in Final Cut Pro 7, the operations of the plugin in other hosts is similar.





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