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Not an advert for the latest bottle of skin care products, but an electronic alternative instead. This $39 plugin will hopefully take years off your subjects!

HD is wonderful and the incoming 4K trend will mean more pixels and more detail. That's great for a lot of productions, but it will also show up every wrinkle and blemish of your female subjects. The comment in the FCP.co office today about the author (male) needing it after a late night out last night will be ignored.

Skin Smoother, the new $39 Final Cut Pro X plugin from FCPeffects will selectively smooth the skin tones of any sex of subject and thus will remove blemishes. (Sadly not hangovers.) The plugin comes with 40 presets and lot of fine control in the inspector to get the look exactly right. Smoothing skin is a technique that if it's overdone looks very odd and artificial.

We can see this plugin being used not only on model shoots such as above, but it should make a few brides very happy with their wedding videos too.


They have aslo made a quick tutorial video. (Is the field order incorrect??)

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