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technicolor cinestyle color assist

***Udated with FCPX release date***

Following on from flat picture styles for Canon DSLR's, Technicolor have launched CineStyle Color Assist. This $99 looks package for Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere brings their technology from blockbuster films to the NLE desktop.

We have seen a couple of previews of this software at shows, but this is the official launch of Technicolor's colour correction and grading software CineStyle Color Assist. We must point out right at the top here that the only two NLE programs that support it at the moment are FCP7 and Premiere. We have sent an email to Technicolor to ask if FCPX support is planned.

Update Technicolor have replied to an email we sent to say they are planning FCPX support for Q2 2013

The software comes with 25 pre-loaded looks that can be accessed from a custom GUI. The GUI loads from a click to a Technicolor CineStyle filter applied on a clip. Magic Bullet users will instantly see some familiarity in the concept. You can build your own looks or purchase more looks such as the Movies or Extreme packs priced at $19 each. There is a free 7 day trial available, but you won't be able to export.

CineStyle™ Color Assist gives any video production enthusiast easy-to-use, professional-quality color correction tools,” said Alejandro Guerrero, Senior Vice President and General Manager for CineStyle at Technicolor. “We adapted the technology we use for blockbuster films and TV shows to create an affordable tool with an intuitive user interface, time saving features, and extensive color library.”


Alas no support for FCPX, but here is CineStyle Color Assist working with Final Cut Pro 7


Alas no support for FCPX, but here is CineStyle Color Assist working with Final Cut Pro 7


And a quick tour around the GUI


Our initial thoughts about the plugin are good, but we are yet to give this one a spin ourselves. The pricing at $99 is right and the expansion packs are a good idea and open up third party look products in a similar fashion to Magic Bullet. The name in the film industry is second to none, so this is going to be a well produced product. It should work well with the flat Technicolor picture profile for Canon DSLR cameras and convert log footage into Rec.709.

Now on to the downsides. There isn't as much flexibility as MBL or even Resolve Lite, which of course is free. Technicolor say that filters, vignettes and mattes are all planned for future versions. The launch version only supports resolutions up to 2K which might be a problem if you are lucky enough to be shooting in 4K. The website is slightly ambiguous, but ProRes 4444 support doesn't look possible, especially on a PC. The biggest drawback however is lack of FCPX support, we will keep you posted with the news when we get it.

Good to have such a great name producing post production products for us editors and this product looks (sorry) as if it might mature into a great and hopefully stable tool.


CineStyle™ Color Assist Feature Set:

· Instant color correction & grading with render free playback

· 25 CineStyle Looks designed by Technicolor Colorists for quick grading

· Ability to save up to nine Color Compositions per video clip

· Non-destructive color correction & grading via MetaColor™ file

· User-friendly interface

· 3-Way Color Corrector, Key Selector & Curves Adjustments for advanced control

· Support for popular video codecs in SD, HD & 2K resolutions

· Scopes to easily monitor color information

· Plugin support for Apple Final Cut Pro 7 & Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 & CS6

· Expandable library with additional premium CineStyle Looks packages

Secondary monitor support for full screen playback (Blackmagic & AJA although this might be the dual desktop trick)
Technology based on Technicolor’s award-winning DP Lights™ System


Want to see the plugin in action? 


And if you do more weddings than dance events, checkout the plugin being used for those special moments.


And if you do more weddings than dance events, checkout the plugin being used for those special moments.


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