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***Updated with promo price for Optics plugin***

The latest update to Noise Industries' FxFactory 4.0.1 brings a new plugin called Optics from Ripple Training and updates for XEffects 3D Transitions from Idustrial Revolution, Defocus from PHYX and Stereo 3D Toolbox from Dashwood Cinema Solutions.

Quite a lot to get through with this new update of FxFactory 4.0.1 from Noise Industries, so let's start off with a brand new FCPX plugin called Optics.

Ever wanted to to make a spy movie or have a crack at the fifth Bourne movie? The $39 FCPX plugin Optics from Ripple Training might make your life easier. This is collection of viewfinder effects range from binoculars, rifle scopes, video overlays and DSLR simulations.

'Optics is a Final Cut Pro X plug-in that creates a first-person perspective through different sets of camera viewfinders, scopes and binoculars. Animate the focus, position and scale; add thermal and night vision effects, animate scan lines, flicker and roll. Control the HUD graphics of 4 popular DSLR camera types including f-stop, ISO, exposure values and more!'


For one week the plugin can be bought at $29 (down from $39) by using the coupon code RIPPLEOPTICS

Checkout the cool demo video.


Next up are two new FCPX plugins that have been added to the $49 XEffects 3D Transitions pack by Idustrial Revolution. Box Roll Split and Big Inside Corner take the number of included plugins up to 26. All the transitions have been built in 3D, so all the camera controls such as focal length, depth of field and lighting all add to a photo realistic look. This is a free upgrade for all  exisiting customers.


Defocus 1.1 from PHYX are four plugins that simulate effects such as rack-focus, tilt shift and vignettting. This $49 plugin works not only in Final Cut Pro X, but FCP7, Motion, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Noise Industries have produced this tutorial video on PHYX Defocus


Also built for multiple hosts, but the headline news for Stereo3D Toolbox 4.0.3 is support for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. At $1,299 it is not cheap, but if you are making 3D producions then Stereo3D Toolbox from Dashwood Cinema Solutions is one of the more cost effective options.



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