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FCPX plugin roundup december

In this months plugin roundup we have a new grading plugin from Pixel Film Studios, an interesting update to 3D rendering in FCPX with Super Charger and two new plugins from the FxFactory stable. 

First of all some serious news. You might have spotted that a producer of templates for Motion had a somewhat childish rant on Twitter recently that was probably directed at us. Not only was the factual content incorrect, we couldn't really see the point of such an outburst.

We try to give everybody's products a fair airing on FCP.co and we are particularly keen to give the smaller contributors to the FCP ecosystem publicity. The company involved has had massive publicity from us in the past, but due to their unprofessional posts we feel we can't promote that particular company's products any more. Slightly ironic as their latest product was to feature in this roundup.

A shame but there you go, you can't please all the people all the time and hopefully that is the end of the matter.

Onwards with new and updated plugins for December.

First is a new Final Cut Pro X plugin from Pixel Film Studios called PROMOOD, it's a collection of 55 colour process looks. The plugin normally retails for $49.95 but is on sale discounted down to $29.95.


Next up is a plugin that has seen more development and a 50% reduction in price. Super Charger by I love QC (Quartz Composer) is a plugin that allows the import of 3D models directly into FCPX. We have been interested in this plugin since its release and it is good to see a lot of improvements and new 'setups' in Version2 which now sells for $49.

"Our 3D supercharger package now comes with an amazing 7 individual plugins, allowing you to load full 3D scenes, individual models, rotate, zoom, pan, keyframe, animate, effect and render all inside Final Cut X, no additional software required"

We can see a great future for this plugin, especially if the developers manage to crack 3D text. We might be tinkering around with this one over Christmas.

A few videos of Super Charger in action starting off with look at what Super Charger v2 can do in FCPX.


The next video walks through how to import a 3D model into the plugin. We are very pleased that I Love QC took up our suggestion of being able to overlay models directly onto video.


If the 3D city scene caught your eye, this video will be of interest as it shows how it was animated. Stock footage of a graphic city scene would cost about the same so you can see how this plugin could save time and money.


Two new FCPX products from existing plugin developers who use FxFactory for delivery and copyright protection.

Tokyo Pipinator is a $49 plugin that makes the overlaying of video in boxes easy, hence the name. Each instance can be flown on and off by adjusting the very clever and intuitive onscreen controls. The plugin's author Simon Ubsdell is a regular contributor of free FCPX effects and templates on our forum and it's good to see him return with an excellent second commercial product.



Also returning with a second plugin package is Dylan (Another Forum regular!) from Stupid Raisins. His new $49 plugin called Block Pop is a collection of 23 block transforming transitions for Final Cut Pro X.


Phew! Quite a lot to get through. We also have a sneaky suspicion that there are at least two other new plugin products close to release, so watch this space!



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