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fcpx share imessage

FCPX is very quick when it comes to editing, but sharing can take its time depending on what you are sending and to where. Ben Balser has a handy tip to let you know when a share has finished.

One of our top contributors, Ben Balser posted this handy trick to our Forum and we thought that we would share it here on the front page.

Ben used Applescript to write an application that will send an iMessage once FCPX has completed a share. We won't steal his thunder by copying the 'how to' so please head on over to his article for a full description and sample code.

We started to think that this would only have a limited appeal, but if it can send an iMessage once an upload to a video publishing site such as Vimeo or YouTube has finished, (and we don't see why not but we haven't tested it) then these few lines of code will become very useful.

It's also a good peg to hang the story on that YouTube was launched 8 year ago today.

Back to the script and we have to thank Ben and his 'anonymous friend' for the information. Good timing as we in the FCP.co office went through Automator and Applescript on Friday looking for any interesting FCPX hooks. As Applescript is involved, it also means many more complex tasks could be accomplished post share.

Apple could easily build this functionality in, but we would quite happily trade it in for FCPX opening up the Vimeo or YouTube page once a video has completed uploading.

If anybody has experience of using the script, especially with sharing to the web, then please let us know in the comments below.

fcpx share imessage2



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