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It is good to see new tutorials being made in another language apart from English. Atsushi Matsumoto has posted three text tutorials for Final Cut Pro X, all especially for Japanese editors.

Let's face it, most people who have English as their first language are lazy when it comes to learning and speaking another. We take it for granted that there are numerous tutorial books and courses from a range of companies, but the majority of them are written or spoken in English. So what if you are a Japanese editor? There is no Martin-san or Spencer-san to get your tips from!

We came across these three text tutorials from Atsushi Matsumoto and thought that we would share. It is good to see FCPX supported with tutorials and learning resources across the world.

We also spent time on his blog where he has an interesting Amazon link to FCPX and Motion books written in Japanese. Scroll down to the section where you can see 'What other people bought." 







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