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Tracktor Kontrol X1 FCPX

Another way to operate FCPX without having to resort to the keyboard. Huibert van Egmond sent us details on how he operates Final Cut Pro X with a Traktor Kontrol X1.

We have had advanced gestures, advanced Magic Trackpad control, iPad control and even no surface control of FCPX! This one is new to us, controlling FCPX with a MIDI unit that is normally used by DJs.

Huibert explains:

"I am a fine mechanical engineer and the last few years I have dived into the magical world of video. As a volunteer for an organisation, I participate in the video team and we record and edit heaps of lectures. Also other projects and of course our own vacation movies. Sometimes I find myself thinking about starting as a filmmaker for a career, but for that I need to learn a lot more. I also have a big passion for music. From North-Indian Raga's to liquid drum'n bass. A lot of times I wish I had more time for producing music and creating awesome dj-sets.' 

Our article on hand gestures with Leap Motion and FCPX got Huibert thinking. Could a Traktok Kontrol X1 be used?  He already uses one on his own DJ sets. The unit is a USB connected MIDI control surface that normally provides the controls for 2 track decks and 2 assignable Traktor FX units within the DJ remixing Traktor software. We will post a video of the unit's normal job at the end.

"I searched online but couldn't find any references to the two working together."  So Huibert set out to see if it was possible. 


Not only was it possible, but as you can see Huibert put together a step by step guide on how to get the unit working. Here is his X1 layout and the rest of the links he mentions. (We are working on fixing a couple of broken ones)


Tracktor Kontrol X1 FCPX layout


Native Instruments Controller Editor (Link load slowly)

Native Instruments X1 driver



midiStroke template

Many thanks to Huibert for sharing his findings. How we would love a decent rotary control that would replicate the feel & ballistics of a Sony jog knob! Maybe this is a step in the right direction.

As promised, here is the Kontrol X1 working in its normal mode helping Felix da Housecat build his DJ sets.




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