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in the socks fcpx pdf

Martin Gosset has emailed us to say that his interactive PDF about FCPX (written in French) has been updated. Many more pages, tips, a reference and of course that new name.

There's no doubt that reading graphic manuals has become a very popular way to learn how to use software. We published details about Martin's first edition of the book back in June of this year. It started off as a reference tool for his students and expanded into a full blown training resource. He had already written a similar PDF for Final Cut Pro 7.

in the socks fcpx pdf 2


The new version called "Dans les Chaussettes de FCP X" (In the socks of FCPX) has expanded to 270 pages (about twice the first version) which are split up into 7 chapters in the PDF:

1-How to Organize Rushes with Roles, Keywords, Favorites e.t.c.
2-How to Edit.  (with about 25 different graphic explanations )
3-How to Trim & Modify Items in a Timeline. (about 90 different examples)
4- Secondary Storyline.
5- Compound Clips.
6- Editing Audio.
7- Two Workflows.
Along with a chapter that has over 50 tips and tricks, a long list of shortcuts and an article about digital video formats.
There is a 32 page preview on Calemo - click the box on the top right for full screen.


As you can see there has been a huge amount of work put into the new version and that's reflected in the price rise to ¢9.50, which as Martin point out is about the same as a double cheeseburger!

If French is your first language, this is a no-brainer. Having a publication like this close at hand is good for reference and it's also great for just flicking through when rendering. (Do we render anymore?)

Martin is also after some help in translating the PDF into English, which we will look forward to as our French lurks at the level of being able to buy a coffee and a croissant.


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